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Shamanic Energy Healing by Shaman Silver Wolf  

Illumination Cleansing

Illumination with Extraction

Fight orFlight Session

Home or Office Clearing 

Reiki Healing

Reiki is a relaxation technique that balances the body, reduces stress, helps in the healing process and brings a person relaxation.

I invite you to experience the ultimate healing experience of Reiki - universal life force energy.



Come experience our Amethyst Crystal Healing Session at Zen. 

This Crystal Healing Session consists of Warmed Amethyst Crystals which naturally release Ions. The biomat also consists of Far Infrared Deep Impact Heat.

Amethyst Crystal Healing Biomat Health Benefits

🌟general pain relief                                                    🌟improved skin health
🌟Great for muscle pain                                              🌟spasms and strains
🌟enhanced circulation                                               🌟joint pain and stiffness 
🌟cardiovascular function                                           🌟arthritis
🌟improved immune system                                      🌟mental clarity
🌟increased metabolism and weight control            🌟intoxications
🌟stress and fatigue reduction                                   🌟overtraining
🌟better sleep                                                              🌟overall feeling of balance


Infrared heat also known as radiant heat helps to alleviate pain more effectively. It is more beneficial than topical heat, known as healing to heal, soothing, detoxing and stimulates your body and mind. 

Book your session in our cozy Healing Room today!

$50.00 for a 40 minute session 

Womb Blessing & Healing

A Womb Blessing is a transformational energy therapy and practice that brings powerful awakening and healing to our femininity, to our wombs and our cycles and also to the four female archetypal energies that all women embody. The Womb Blessing connects us deeply to our female nature. It awakens the energy of our womb and brings awareness of its sacredness into our everyday lives. The Womb Blessing connects us deeply to the divine feminine. And also deepens our awareness of her presence in our lives and also the presence of our inherent female spirituality.

$108 for an hour session

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